A Sound Solution for Construction for Sage 200

Sicon provide a comprehensive solution to break significant projects down into assemblies with full control at each level.

The Job Costing module allows any task to be broken down into any number of "Jobs", each of which can itself be composed of sub "Jobs" with budgetary and actual cost tracking at each level.

Installed and maintained within Sage 200

By being entirely within Sage 200 itself, Sicon Job Costing offers your users a seamless experience. There is no obvious switching between products and all postings are fully integrated to update the Stock, Purchase, Sales and Nominal ledgers as required.

Many Applications

Sicon Job Costing can be really useful in a lot more areas than construction. Although well suited to construction projects with out-of-the-box handling of issues like Valuations, retentions and applications the module can also be used for simpler projects and provide clear profitablilty and WIP analysis.

Job Costing - Literally

The clear screens give the opportunity to drill down to any level of Job and see the budgetted, Actual, WIP and Retention clearly and in real-time.

Reporting through Sage report designer or Mainstream

Reports are available and can be run in the normal way from within Sage. These reports can be amended in the report designer. New reports can be created using the new catalogue, or, if the Paradise Mainstream solution is available dashboards can be displayed to provide fully-featured views of the Jobs and their progress.

Paradise Mainstream for Sage 200


Provides on screen report and drilldown to nominal postings.