A Low-Cost Fixed Asset Module for Sage 200

Sicon provide a fully-featured solution to Fixed Assets for the Sage 200 accounting suite.

The Fixed Asset Module has an impressive functionality for a low-cost Sage 200 addition:

Installed and maintained within Sage 200

Installed as a standard Sage 200 module

Nominal Journals

Unlimited Sage companies are supported at no additional cost.

Import Assets from Excel

Conversion method for Sage Line 100 Fixed Assets systems.

Sage 200 menu structure for fixed assets included

Fixed Assets menu provided for custom menu design.

Period driven posting of depreciation

Linked to Sage period end routine. Posting to the nominal ledger.

Multi Nominal Postings

Post depreciation to multiple nominal, cost centre and departments by percentage.

Create assets from Purchase Ledger Invoices

As invoices are processed new assets can be added (optional).

Record costs against existing assets

As invoices are processed link invoice to existing asset (optional) for service and maintenance costs.

Standard depreciation methods supported

Straight line, reducing balance, sum of digits.

Memo’s and attachments per asset

Sage style memo’s and attachments can be added to each asset.

Integrates with Sage Project Accounting

Depreciation postings can also be made to projects.

User Defined Categories & Sub Categories

To improve category reporting and breakdown.

Employee & Location Lists

To assist with asset location, reporting and tracking.

Transaction history

For postings of depreciation with drill down.

Change history

Tracks changes of all fields such as employee, location, nominal’s.

Disposal of assets process wizard

To help control the disposal process and nominal postings. Link to, or create a sales invoice.

Asset revaluation process wizard

To help control the revaluation process and nominal postings.

Reporting through Sage report designer or Mainstream

Reports are available and are run in the normal way from Sage. These reports can be amended in the report designer. New reports can be created using the new catalogue, or, if the Paradise Mainstream solution is in use, dashboards can be developed to provide fully-featured views of the assets and their transactions.

Paradise Mainstream for Sage 200 Business Intelligence

Forecast of depreciation postings

Provides on screen report and output of nominal postings. Groups by nominal code to help with budget update and import.


Provides on screen report and drilldown to nominal postings.