Document Capture for Sage 200

Draycir Spindle Document Capture will store Purchase Invoice scans within Sage 200 - along with all your Spindle documents and any other scanned documents you want to associate with your account records. 

Integrates to Sage 200

Scan in purchase invoices or other physical documents and retrieve from forms inside Sage 200.

Fully Searchable Database of Scanned Documents

Held in the same SQL database as Sage 200 itself, all scanned cocuments are stored in tables and accessible from within Sage 200.

In addition, Spindle can be configured to store copies of all ougoing documents in the tables as well, providing a single document repository for all the documents going in and out of the organisation.

Drill-down from within Sage 200

Using buttons added automatically onto the standard Sage 200 forms, users can drill down to document images from within Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing.

Supports Batch-Scanning

An elegant “Pending Tray” facility allows batch scanning of high volumes of documents at one go for users to associate later with POPs or PIs

Proof of Delivery Functionality

The Document Capture module includes a delivery note (POD) solution that works with Spindle by adding bar-codes to the Delivery Note that will later be recognised when the document is returned and scanned by Document Capture, allowing PODs to be processed in seconds and stored against their assocaited sales order.