The Sage 200cloud Base Module

The most basic level of Sage 200 is the Financials module, single user

With this you receive one concurrent licence to run any number of companies (datasets). The Financials module contains:

  • Nominal Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Cashbook
  • System Manager
  • Report Generator

Accurate and up to the minute finances

Be precise with your business finances. Track budgets, drill down into data and deal with all your VAT submissions.

Flexible accounting periodsSage 200 Operator

Gain greater control over your accounting periods, with up to 20 accounting periods, which can be open, closed and re-opened as needed. You can also control the length of period and set up period structures in advance for future years.

Flexible nominal code structure

Enjoy the benefit of in depth analysis and reporting. Set up departments and cost centres as well as Profit and Loss and Balance sheet reporting, with the option to group accounts for reporting purposes.

Make adjustments to previous year journals and roll changes forward to ensure your accounts are accurate and up to date.

Batch data upload

Enter a batch of journals and place transactions on hold for authorisation before committing them to the Nominal Ledger.

VAT flexibility

Choose VAT inclusive or exclusive prices. Online VAT submissions are built in, ensuring you comply with regulations.

Save time with Automation

Automated statements, standing orders and direct debits. Set up processes to send statements
directly to customers. Get a view of all outstanding customer payments and invoices to help you maintain cashflow. Easily and clearly view and track all standing orders and direct debits, with details of the day they are paid, frequency, number of payments made, number still to pay etc.

Store unlimited customer and supplier contact details

Make sure the right information goes to the right contact by storing customer and supplier phone numbers, addresses and websites.

Detailed reporting

Produce detailed reports by region, sales representative, industry type, customer rating, account manager, partner etc. Easily forecast and budget for customers, suppliers and projects.

Manage your cash flow

Effectively manage your cash flow with Sage 200. Make sure you’re up to date with the latest company information at your fingertips.

Bank reconciliationSage 200 Menu

Save time and eliminate rekeying by reconciling bank statements alongside your banking software. Reconcile statements with payment and receipt details, record discrepancies, transactions and charges all in one place.

See your balances

See at a glance the liquidity of your accounts using bar charts and line graphs to bring figures to life.

Advanced multi-currency options

Manage all your foreign currency trading with ease, including exchange rate changes and their impact on business finances across all ledgers and cash book. Move money from one bank account to another, and between currencies, to maximise interest earned and minimise overdraft charges.

Understand how changes impact your cash flow

Get an accurate view of your financial status based on actuals and budgets for up to 5 years. See your short-term and long-term cash position and quickly understand how unexpected delays and expenses will affect your cashflow.

Accurate, timely insight that helps you drive success

Financials contains everything you need to run a business, including all sales and purchases, transaction analysis via the Nominal and fulfilling all statutory reporting such as Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, VAT submission as well as a host of operational reporting such as Aged Debtor and Creditor, Customer Statements, transactions listing and many more.

Sage 200cloud runs on the Microsoft SQL database, so there is no limitation to the number of accounts or transactions Sage 200 can handle - providing the infrastructure can support it. With the on-premise Sage 200cloud you supply the hardware, but with Sage Cloud and Sage 200 Online there is no limit to the transacation levels.

Save time and support key decisions by getting straight to the business critical data you need, from sales, to orders, invoices, productivity, budgets, profits and much more in a single system. Get up to date, real-time information quickly and easily via personalised dashboards, without the need to spend time compiling reports. Or drill down into the detail and the information that shows you what’s important to you with customisable screens and controls.

Work more smartly and efficiently with greater control

Because it offers more than just accounts, Sage 200cloud helps you build a joined up, efficient business, connecting all your different teams from sales to customer services, dispatch to financials. Get the right data to the right people, so they see what they need to see without being distracted by too much information. Control access with different levels of admin rights to maintain control over sensitive data.

Software that fits your business. Pay for what you use, not what you don’t.

Add on different modules depending on what your business needs – Commercials (invoicing, stock control and order processing), project accounting, customer relationship management, bill of materials and manufacturing. Add or remove modules and scale the number of users up or down to match the flexibility of your business. And choose the payment and deployment options which make sense to you.

Plus as a Sage Strategic Partner and Developer, Paradise can help you tailor the software to work for your individual business needs and integrate existing tools and applications.


Sage 200 Workspaces bring key information together on one screen. They give different people across your organisation relevant information quickly and easily and are customisable, so you can configure them to suit different job roles and responsibilities.

Workspaces are very simple to navigate. You can quickly and easily drill down from top level to
more detailed information. For example. you can select a customer account on a Workspace and
from there see the transactions that customer has made. To customise their Workspace, users can:

  • Add and remove data fields
  • Quickly filter or sort information using filters that can be saved and shared with other users
  • Save time, as forms can be automatically filled with details of the item selected on the Workspace
  • Print Workspaces data and related reports
  • Change the layout and content of the Workspaces using the Workspace Designer
  • Access data remotely from external sources alongside your Sage 200 data on one screen

Effectively analyse critical business information with Report Designer

Use powerful analytical tools to inform your decision-making and share business data widely
across your organisation. Easily build your own reports. Change report fields in seconds to give you key information such as Profit & Loss by cost centre and department; sales by customer by month; stock valuation for the last three months; trends in overdue orders; stock movements by product group, and many more.