Sage 200 link to CRM

Company: Dexcel Pharma UK

Requirement: To develop and link a bespoke CRM with Sage 200


Initial Situation

Our client, a successful UK pharmaceutical presence for a world-wide group based in Israel, required a mechanism to provide sales representatives with up-to-date accounts information integrated to their Contact Management System.


The customer had upgraded from Sage 50 for which ODBC links had been developed to draw data on account status and sales order history and place this into the CRM updates being sent out to the representatives. This mechanism needed converting to Sage 200 and expanding to cover more information within a limited budget.


The Paradise Development Team examined the options and determined that the simplest and quickest (and lowest cost) solution would be to retain and extend the current links that had been developed for Sage 50 to transfer information to the CRM product. By inserting an Access database between the CRM and Sage 200, the queries that already existed were re-designed to draw data from Sage 200 but retain the same structure and naming conventions as the previous solution.

This approach worked and the CRM product required no alteration - it was not aware the data was now coming from Sage 200 instead of Sage 50. Being SQL based, the data feed was faster to operate (approximately 10 times faster) and was then extended over a period of time to add new fields and tables into the feed, including stock detail, movements and detailed transaction data that then became available to the representatives in the field.

The customer was pleased with the result and although they had a strategic plan to replace the CRM system, the success of the link meant the urgency was reduced and the Sage 200, link and CRM system is still in use today.