A low cost, flexible and powerful web-based CRM solution that integrates with Sage 200 from £14 per seat per month.

What is CL200?

CL200 is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool developed specifically for the market-leading accounts systems Sage 200. It is simpler and less costly than Sage CRM, but delivers many of the same core tasks for effective customer service and improved engagement. Being simpler (lighter) than Sage CRM, it is easier for users to navigate and is faster to use.

A Simple, Attractive and Easy-To-Use Contact Manager

CL200 for Sage 200 is a delight for new users with its clear, uncluttered forms and intuitive menus.

CL200 integration with Sage 200

As well as being able to view the details of all Sage 200 Sales and Purchase Accounts (and their contacts), a user can view the Order and Quote history down to an Item Line level without the need for a Sage 200 licence. New Sage 200 accounts can also be generated simply by converting a prospect in CL200.

Is CL200 Suitable for You?

CL200 is used successfully in a wide range of industries for many purposes. Typical deployments include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales Teams (see a brief video by clicking here)
  • Professional Time Recording
  • Account Management
  • Quality-System Compliance
  • Complaint Handling

Try CL200 Today!

Want to give CL200 a go? Let us know and we will set up a demo version for you to test-drive. We are confident that a few minutes later you will have made your decision on the right CRM solution for your business.