We address all the major components, supporting the infrastructure and the applications, providing you with an unbeatable IT platform.

Software Common Choices
Operating Systems Windows 2008 or 2012
Sage Products Sage 200 or Sage 50
Sage Add-ons Dracir Spindle, Sicon, Datalinx
Database Engines Microsoft SQL 2008 or 2012
Email Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365
Microsoft Office Office 2007, 2010 or 2013
Other Microsoft Project, Visio, Visual Studio or any other
Third Party Addressed on an individual basis
Website Hosting Microsoft IIS 6 or 7


Technical Support

With ITIL-based support services you can expect a prompt and efficient response every time. Our single helpdesk for telephone and email accepts calls from your users and routes these to the Microsoft, Cloud or Sage teams as appropriate. We support it all (third party applications by arrangement) so there is no lost time trying to identify "who is responsible".

A full Service Level Agreement (SLA) protects your interests and provides guarantees in terms of response and fix times - with penalties and refunds to you if we fail to hit our targets.


We can host any software

With Enterprise Sage Cloud you are not limited to Sage software. We can offer any Microsoft products, including Office, on a bolt-on per-user per-month basis, we can also add email systems and any other software you want to be hosted.

Your IT system can be this straight-forward and cost-effective.

It is that simple.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is Sage Private Cloud? Sage Private Cloud Hosting is a service which allows you to connect to your IT system from anywhere in the world. The system is in a highly secure environment, safe from both failure and attack, monitored, supported and backed-up by IT professionals. You and your staff connect to the system through the internet and use it in the same way as you do at the moment.
What Version of Windows can I have? Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 as you choose.
How many servers do I need? We will advise you on the most efficient server configuration. You can have as many or as few as you want - and add or remove servers on request with no financial penalty.
What versions of software can I use? All current versions are supported. For example, if you choose to have Microsoft Office, you can choose from 2007, 2010, 2013 or later if available.
Can I use third party software? Yes, and this is a major benefit of using the Enterprise Sage Cloud service. We will host any third party products. We place no restrictions on what software can be hosted and our Development Team are also skilled in connecting third party applications to Sage.
Is it secure? The Paradise data centres are certified to ISO27001 and also carry the CIF Code of Practice certification.  This extends to our working practices and procedures to assure you that everything is being done properly.
Is the system quick to use? We will provide you with a demonstration system so your technical team can stress-test the platform. Using the latest technology and hardware platforms you can expect performance equal to or better than your local network.
What software can I use? We will host all your applications and data.  There are no restrictions.
Is it cost effective? We pride ourselves on offering one of the best all-round cloud packages available today, and specifically catering to the Sage 200 user. You will receive a proposal with a cost for setup and also for month-to-month operation and the price is fixed. We deliver our projects on-time and on-budget.