Comprehensive IT Support Services in Northampton and Nationally

Our Network Support Team provide daily IT Support Services to a wide range of businesses

IT HelpDesk

Our HelpDesk is open from 8:30am to 5:30pm every working day and provides you with immediate access to an IT Support professional who will log and prioritise your call or email.Support Engineer

You can receive a unique reference for each call placed to allow you to track progress.

The IT HelpDesk staff monitor all active support requests and ensure they are responded to in a timely manner.

Response Times

We strive to respond to all incoming calls within one working day. We also prioritise calls, so if the problem being reported is causing business disruption, we will ensure it gets prompt attention.

Each month we report on our own performance internally and review any time and efficiency savings we can achieve as well as ensuring we are hitting our targets.

The reports for your company can be provided to you if you want to see them.

Monitoring Service

We provide a remote monitoring service to allow us to see the health of your servers and (some) applications every minute of every day, with alerts being broadcast directly to our HelpDesk. 


A cornerstone of our approach is to be accountable to you. We record each incoming support request together with who placed it, who it was assigned to, how long it took and what the details of the request and the resolution were. This allows us to both provide historical detail and to accept when we make a mistake, which occasionally we do, just like anyone else.

Payment Options

We provide two basic support plans:

  • Pay As You Go

For the smaller organisation, or for a trial, we provide a simple no-strings support service where all calls are logged and invoiced monthly in arrears with full supporting detail at an agreed hourly rate. There are no standing charges and the service can be terminated at any time without penalty.

This is also a very good service to take on as a "safety net" for organisations with a limited internal IT resource, where we can provide holiday and illness cover as well as providing technical expertise that may be wider than the internal resource.

With PAYG there are no charges in a month if there is no support requested.

  • Service Level Agreement

For larger organisations or companies with a greater commitment to our IT Support Service, we offer a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) which defines in detail the services to be provided with fixed costs and response guarantees.

The SLAs are based on a commitment to an agreed number of professional services (Network Support, Sage, Sage Cloud or Training) in each calendar month and reviewed periodically for suitability.

SLA customers take priority in the job queues and also benefit from added incentives, including Free of Charge account management and periodic technical health checks.

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