A requirement arose for mobile staff to report stock in amusement machines at a wide variety of venues. This stock (or "Plush") tends to be approximate - a percentage representing the current stock level compared to the potential of a full machine, and by reporting this in a timely manner to the central stores, replenishment orders can be prepared and despatched to site before the machines run out and stop earning.

The biggest challenge here was the potential for the handheld devices (iPhones or similar) losing internet connection during inspection of the machines, as amusement arcades can be very electrically active environments and wifi or mobile signals cannot be relied on. For this reason, a cached technique was employed utilising the Microsoft IndexDB technology to store both site information and to record the users input and invisibly compensate for lost interent connection, allowing the system to re-synch when access to the internet was re-established.

The Paradise developed solution has addressed the requirement and is now used by staff across the UK. There are also plans to enhance the application to provide greater prediction capability and also to generate spares and repairs requests.