A Fully-Managed Cloud Solution

Paradise offer a low-cost Windows Server service to provide a fully managed Operating System Platform as a Service. This service is backed by both our ISO27001 and Microsoft certifications and includes an experienced UK-based helpdesk and full backup services.

Why use us?

Paradise support over 50 organisations in fully-managed private clouds. Our extensive experience of providing low-cost highly-reliable cloud systems goes back to 2004. A safe pair of hands.


  • Your systems securely hosted in an ISO27001 certified environment
  • Transparent pricing using a menu of fixed costs
  • Experienced team of cloud professionals with excellent track record
  • Solution is continuously monitored by our helpdesk in real time
  • Fixed price on-boarding project with timescale guarantee


  • Experienced helpdesk means fast resolution to problems
  • 99.999% reliability of platform means fewer support calls
  • Single Supplier opportunity with integration to IaaS
    and Agile Development
  • Extensive knowledge of technology leads to flexibility and options