Circus Starr

It’s moving to see the smiles, wonder and roars of laughter that the support of local business' bring to the children who come to see Circus Starr.

Every child, whatever their needs or background, is free to be themselves at the shows – move to the music, shout out in delight or appear centre stage!

Supporting Circus Starr gives children a one-of-a-kind sensory experience full of energy, magic and spectacle that never leaves them.

The lure of the circus brings together the most overlooked groups and hardest to reach families in your community. Donations give children a welcome escape from endless hospital appointments; or an inviting
space for a child and their new carer to bond; or a friendly place for an autistic child making the first tentative step to trying new experiences.

Circus Starr helps to create a world where the impossible is possible with spell-binding acts to inspire a lifelong love of the arts and nurture creative potential yet to be realised.

When you help a special child, it restores hope, joy and magic to some amazing children and their families who often miss out on live arts events.

These events make the world a better place for local children coping with many of life’s challenges, because being happy and having fun is not a privilege, it’s a right for every child.

When the circus next comes to town, please consider sponsoring a child's visit.