As spam filters become more effective at blocking large-scale automated emails, we are finding criminals are turning to more targeted and well-engineered attempts to defraud businesses

Across our clients there has been a rise in a number of different types of attacks. Due to their nature, some of these emails cannot be picked up by the spam filters. In this case, we believe the best defence is awareness.

Payments & Money Transfers Requests

These types of emails can be the most well-engineered and dangerous attempts to defraud thousands of pounds. Criminals are using the real names of company directors and senior managers to request payments or money transfers from finance staff. These kind of attacks are increasingly difficult to detect through automated systems and so requires staff to be vigilant and suspicious of any financial requests that may appear out of the ordinary in any way.

Changing of bank details

Conversely another approach adopted is for criminals to represent themselves as your suppliers and request a change of bank details so that you make payment into an alternative, criminal, account.

What can I do?

Brief your staff, specifically any personnel who can make financial payments, to be vigilant and suspicious of any emails asking for unexpected payments. If there is any doubt, contact the requestor independently or contact our Helpdesk for further advice.

Notifications & Passwords Resets (phishing)

In more widespread attempts the spoof emails may look like password reset emails from Microsoft, parcel delivery notifications or voicemail alerts. They will usually include a website link which will then ask for your details.

What can I do?

Brief all members of staff to be vigilant, especially those who have access to make payments or transactions.

If you receive an email with a link, simply hover your cursor over any links. If the website link doesn’t look as you would expect, delete the email.

If in doubt please feel free to contact our Helpdesk who will assist in verifying the legitimacy of the email.

We hope this information is useful to you in protecting your business. If you have any comments or feedback please let us know. Call us on 01604 655900 or email us at 


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