To continually deliver the best cloud hosting service to our customers, we have partnered with Microsoft Azure, the leading provider in cloud technology!

Azure solutions bring you unprecedented security, reliability, scalabilty and disaster recovery capabilities on a world-class platform - plus Azure is fast, really fast!

Work with what you know

Microsoft Azure is among the fastest growing largest public cloud platforms in the world. With Azure, you benefit from the flexibility, reliability and scalability of an enterprise-ready cloud. Backed by industry-leading security and compliance, you can rest assured about the safety of your apps and data, and here is why:

1. Speed

All cloud disk storage is not the same. Azure’s storage platform supports your virtual machines with blazing performance and extremely quick provisioning time. With the optional addition of premium SSDs (solid state drives), Azure’s unique caching architecture delivers even faster performance for mission-critical workloads when your business demands high throughput.

2. Reliability

Azure Disks are designed for 99.9% availability. Rest easier knowing that you have three replicas of your data which enables high durability. What makes your partnership with Paradise different is that we also monitor your solution in real time and run an additional system backup every day for even greater security. Plus we add Symantec antivirus to further secure your data.

3. Scalability

It can be hard to predict how your business will grow. Everyday business demands often require running applications such as Sage 200 alongside additional software with high load and server demand. Azure is built to scale with your requirements. Offload the heavy lifting to Azure, with scalability you won’t outgrow and the flexibility to quickly and easily add and remove storage and memory as your needs change.

4. Security and Compliance

With security built-in from the ground up, Azure adheres to a wide range of industry and government standards, certifications and accreditations. Take advantage of Microsoft security, privacy, transparency and the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider, including:

• Compliance: ISO27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1, SOC 2 etc.
• Data privacy: ISO/IEC 27018 commitments
• Highly secure from both physical or logical attack

All this is supported by the managed service from Paradise, separately certified to both ISO27001 and UK Government G-Cloud standards.

5. Seamless integration

Azure integrates closely with your everyday Microsoft applications like Office 365, Outlook and SharePoint. It is also the ideal platform for other Microsoft technologies like SQL, IIS and Dynamics, both now in the future.

Move Faster, Achieve More

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