Sage 200 Generate Payment Process Map

1. Generate Suggested Payments

Generating suggested payments will create a report allowing you to view all suggested payments. This process will delete any previous suggested payments (stored in the background table)

2. Amend Suggested Payments

On an account by account basis you can amend the value of the suggested payment (setting to 0.00 will remove it from the payment run) You can also add accounts that have not been picked up by the suggested payments report.

3. Generate Payments

Single Account – You can make a payment to a single account by entering details and following screens through to end.

Multiple Account – You can make multiple payments, grouped by the payment groups.

Reprinting Remittance – By selecting the tickbox ‘Reprint’ (see screenshot below) you can reprint a remittance.

Note: you can ONLY reprint a remittance if the ‘suggested payments’ run still exists in the background table ‘proposed payments’. If someone has deleted suggested payments, or run a new suggested payments you will be unable to reprint the remittance.

Payment option screenshot

4. Remittance Printed / Emailed

If printed remittance – Preview file will appear.

Tip: As reprinting remittances is not a permanent option, we advise saving the remittance preview to the spooler by pressing ‘spool’ as it is easier to reprint from here (screenshot below).


If emailed remittance – Emails should appear in outbox.

5. BACS File

Following our phone call, all BACS files should now export to your W: drive as it did before with Sage 50.

6. Delete Suggested Payments

Deleting suggested payments will remove data from the proposed payments. This will mean you cannot reprint remittances after this point, using the ‘generate payments, reprint payments only’ function.

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