CRM Light Example Screen Shots

See how clear and uncluttered CRM Light is

Users Like Using CRM Light...

Sage 200 CRM Light is a delight for users with its clear, uncluttered forms and intuitive menus.uct codes and costs.

Clear, easy-to-use Account form to record the basic information regarding prospects and view Sage sales and purchase account information. If the Account is a Sage account, then the "Sage Information" section in the lower left will be populated and the user will be unable to change any key data using CRM Light.

A simple button menu to the left allows access to Activity History, Contacts, Projects, Analysis Codes and any associted documents, as well as allowing access to the Order and Quote history for the Account (see below).

The Home screen in CRM Light displays Activities as a clear daily "To Do" list. Overdue tasks are colour-coded to stand out. Single-key-presses will take the user to the Account concerned to progress and update each Activity.

The history of an Account in Sage 200 is easily accessed and transactions can be examined at a document or item-line level, complete with product codes and costs.